When asked "Why Choose Us" the answer was simple, we care, we really do. We care about what we put on our skin and hair and that of our children, after all 2-5% of it is absorbed by the body. We care about what we put into the environment, SNOAP was born out of a horrible realisation during the Covid 19 lockdown of the sheer amount of single use plastic my family was using on a weekly basis. It was glaringly evident when we spent days, weeks, months in close quarters the massive impact each of us was having on the environment and I knew we had to change our choices. We care about the cost of living, things are going up in price all around us, so I wanted to make a product of affordable luxury. Our plan is to bring to you a product the whole family can use, which is of exceptional quality and kind to your skin and hair, which does not use single useplastic, has clean run-off water (so no nasties go into our rivers and oceans or onto our land) which saves money when compared to liquid versions. In fact, our SNOAP dispenser holds two bars of solid soap which is the equivalent of 20 liquid bottles of soap. Our shampoo bar has saved me personally 10 bottles of shampoo per bar - I have long hair and am feeling pretty pleased with the swap. So, if you care as much as we do and want to be part of the solution to plastic pollution switch to SNOAP - Have you got the Bottle? Make that Change 😃