Bamboo & Bagasse Double Length Forest Friendly Paper Towel


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We choose upcycled bagasse - a by product of sugarcane processing which is considered to be waste and is usually buried or burnt, instead we are using it - upcycling is a win!
We blend this with bamboo to make our two ply rolls extra strong and absorbent. Our bamboo is a fast growing grass farmed in a sustainable way.

  • Each double length roll has 120 sheets
  • Sheets are 22.8cm (9″) x 22.5cm (8.9″)
  • 2 ply biodegradable
  • No inks, dyes, or scents

Why SNOAP choose Who Gives A Crap Paper Towel
As well as all of the above amazing benefits, we supply Who Gives A Crap because they want to ensure everyone has access to a toilet and basic sanitation. That’s why 50% of profits from all of their products go directly to our charity partners who work in water, hygiene and sanitation. You’re helping millions of people gain access to clean water just by cleaning the counter. Nice!


In the UK each year we dispose of 282,000 tonnes of paper towels each year – it takes 17 trees to make one tonne of paper towels, that's 4.8 million trees per year for UK. Now whilst we believe there is definitely an argument for the paper towels, when we see these stats we can’t help but think of the virgin trees being felled to supply this demand – can you imagine the global demand. Well SNOAP lends an environmental helping hand by supplying sustainably farmed bamboo for our paper towel which is coupled with upcycled Bagasse which is considered a waste product, so not only are we not cutting down trees (we love trees) we are removing and using waste materials, we feel pretty good about that. Have you got the bottle to make that change?

Have you got the Bottle? Make that Change 😀

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