Double Length Premium 100% Bamboo Toilet Roll


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We choose bamboo as every day over 1 millions trees are cut down to make traditional toilet paper. We're not keen on cutting down trees to wipe our bambooty, so we choose bamboo which is a fast growing grass instead. We're reducing deforestation one flush at a time - bambooyah! Outer wrap may differ from the picture.

  • 370 sheets per 3 ply roll
  • 10cm x 10cm sized sheets
  • Biodegradable
  • Plays well with most septic tanks
  • £0.27p/100 sheets

Why SNOAP choose Who Gives A Crap Bamboo Toilet Paper:
As well as all of the above amazing benefits, we supply Who Gives A Crap because they want to ensure everyone has access to a toilet and basic sanitation. That’s why 50% of profits from all of their products go directly to our charity partners who work in water, hygiene and sanitation. You’re helping millions of people gain access to clean water just by using the loo. Nice!


According to Statisa, the average Briton uses about 127 rolls per year, which is more than twice the European average and is the third highest in the world. That is about 8.5 billion rolls per annum in the UK. The UK fells an estimated 7 million trees every year to make this toilet tissue. We at SNOAP offer a much better alternative. Our toilet roll is made from sustainable source fast growing grass - bamboo. It is much lighter than traditional papers, your pipes will thank us for that, it's kinder to the environment, we are not cutting down trees and our rolls are double length therefore reducing our footprint - now that is something to feel good about. Have you got the bottle to make that change?

Have you got the Bottle? Make that Change 😀

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