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Take SNOAP wherever you go and never be without SNOAP again with the Erebus small on the go dispenser. Great to keep in the car, your bag or used on a smaller sink at home.  Best used with the Erebus Funnel which attaches directly to your SNOAP dispenser and your small on the go dispenser to make filling easy.  The Small On the Go Dispenser will take 38g of ground SNOAP.  That is equivalent to over 350 hand washes or to make things interesting:
  • Equivalent to more than a month of hand washing for 1 person
  • Equivalent to over 3 weeks of showers and hand washes for 1 person
  • Equivalent to 9 days of hand washes for a family of 4 – one by the sink for your hotel break?
  • Equivalent to over 5 days of showers and hand washes for a family of 4 – long weekend away anyone?

Take SNOAP wherever you go and never be without SNOAP again. Great to take on holiday, keep in your handbag or use by a smaller sink at home.

SNOAP On the Go Dispenser with Funnel Positive Impact:

Every year in the UK we are contributing a staggering amount of single use plastic into our environment, be that landfill, the oceans and waterways, or the incinerator. By making the simple switch to SNOAP for your hand, body and hair washing you will be removing your share of the 1.8 billion bottles that we throw away as a result of keeping clean each year in the UK alone. We go through:

• 686 million plastic soap bottles
• 617 million plastic body wash bottles
• 520 million plastic shampoo bottles

My aim is simple...
Convert the UK into SNOAPY's. We can stop contributing to this awful situation, you can save space on your storage, reduce carbon emissions and save money - all whilst having a fabulous new experience, are you in?

Have you got the Bottle? Make that change 😃


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