Theia SNOAP Dispenser Countertop Stand


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This Glossy White stand with SNOAP Blue tray allows your Theia Dispenser to be used on a countertop, sink, bath etc.  It comes with four sticky feet to avoid rotation when dispensing SNOAP, which can be washed and reused if you need to move your stand.

Positive Impact

Every year in the UK we are contributing a staggering amount of single use plastic into our environment, be that landfill, the oceans and waterways, or the incinerator. By making the simple switch to SNOAP for your hand, body and hair washing you will be removing your share of the 1.8 billion bottles that we throw away as a result of keeping clean each year in the UK alone. We go through:

• 686 million plastic soap bottles
• 617 million plastic body wash bottles
• 520 million plastic shampoo bottles

My aim is simple...
Convert the UK into SNOAPY's. We can stop contributing to this awful situation, you can save space on your storage, reduce carbon emissions and save money - all whilst having a fabulous new experience, are you in?

Have you got the Bottle? Make that change 😃

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