Welcome to the world of SNOAP, a revolutionary way to wash your hands, hair, and body.

What is SNOAP?

SNOAP comes to you via a revolutionary SOLID Soap Dispenser – this can replace your liquid soap and hair products and their associated plastic bottles and packaging – it even makes soap last longer!

Unlike many liquid products, all our SNOAPs contain natural ingredients, so the wastewater runoff will not damage aquatic flora and fauna, grazing animals or end up back on our plates. 


Plastic waste 

According to Statista, the UK alone produces more than two million metric tons of plastic waste every year, which is equal to approximately 36kg per person.

Globally, the amount of plastic waste produced each year increases to 8.3 billion tons with 6.3 million tons ending up in landfill. That’s equal to 55 million jumbo jets filled with plastic.

Our SNOAP dispenser holds two bars of solid soap which is the equivalent to 20 liquid bottles. That’s 20 x 🧴 not landing in oceans, 20 x 🧴 not going to landfill, 20 x 🧴 not on the 🌎 in 500 years’ time. It saves £100s too, and is super fun to use.

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