Here are a few FAQs from our SNOAPYS.

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How do I load soap/shampoo into my SNOAP Dispenser?

Loading your dispenser is quick and easy - follow the instructions below (or view the video in how it works)...

1. Unlock dispenser door by releasing the handle from the door latch with your thumb then open door.
2. Ensure the internal legs have the finger hold indents at the front. Place your thumb and finger in the indents and pull legs slightly forward to disengage the feeder from the rear threads.
3. Slide feeder to top of legs and insert a soap into the unit with the hole of the soap fitting over the centre ‘stalagmite’ on the grating surface.
4. Insert a second soap on top of the first soap and pull feeder down so the small ‘stalactite’ in the centre of the feeder engages in the hole at the top of the second soap.
5. Push legs (including top soap) back into the unit so the feeder engages with rear threads.
6. Close door and lock the handle over the door latch.
NOTE: If the door does not close easily then the feeder is not level. Pull the legs forward and level the feeder and reinsert – if necessary repeat until the door closes easily.
7. Turn the handle at top of unit clockwise until SNOAP is dispensed.
8. Continue to dispense SNOAP by turning handle clockwise to deliver the desired amount of SNOAP – remember less really is more.

What size is the SNOAP Dispenser?

Hi SNOAPY, thanks for your question, the SNOAP Dispenser is 24cm on a wall mount.  and 34cm in total on a Countertop Stand.

How do I attach my SNOAP dispenser to the wall?

There is a video in How it Works to show you how alongside the instructions below.

1. Check positioning with dispenser on wall mount to ensure adequate clearance to slide SNOAP dispenser in and out of wall mount. Mark position.
2. You have the option of using the nano-suction tape supplied or screwing the wall mount to the wall.
a. If you choose to screw the wall mount to the wall please ensure you use the correct fixings for the surface you are affixing the unit to – fixings are not included.
3. The nano-suction tape should only be used on glass/mirrored and smooth tiled surfaces and not on painted or rough/uneven surfaces.
4. Peel the nano-suction tape from one side of the backing, being careful not to stretch the tape, and affix on the rear, flat, surface of the wall mount aligning the shape of the tape with the shape of the wall mount.
5. Carefully peel the backing from the tape and position the wall mount where you want the SNOAP dispenser using a spirit level to ensure it is vertical.
6. Press the wall mount firmly against the wall for 10 seconds.
7.IMPORTANT:Wait a minimum of 24 hours before sliding the SNOAP dispenser onto the wall mount.

How do I remove my SNOAP wall mount from the wall when attached with the sticky strip?

The wall mount is easy to remove and leaves no residue. You can also see a short video in how it works. Rotate the wall mount (this may feel tough) ensure to rotate, the sticky will release from the wall, you can then roll the sticky strip off the wall mount and dispose responsibly.  Additional wall mounting tape is available to buy so you can put your SNOAP dispenser up in a new location easily.

How do I assemble my SNOAP countertop and position my countertop stand?

Your countertop stand comes in two parts to reduce damage during transit. Remove all parts from the protective corn-starch bag (these are biodegradable).
1. Push stand arm into base until you hear a click – this is a one-time assembly.
2. Carefully peel one nano-dot from strip that contains the 4 sticky nano-dots and stick it in one of the 4 round recesses on the underside of the base of the stand – repeat 3 more times.
3. Peel the white covers from each of the 4 nano-dots that are now on the base of the stand.
4. Position stand ensuring the surface is flat, smooth, clean and dry with enough space above to slide the SNOAP dispenser on and off the stand. Press down firmly for 10 seconds.
5. Slide SNOAP dispenser onto stand (it is easier if you load the soaps before placing on the dispenser).
6. IMPORTANT: Wait a minimum of 24 hours to use the SNOAP dispenser on the stand to allow time for the nano-dots to firmly attach to the surface.
7. Should you want to remove the table top stand hold at the base and carefully, but firmly, twist the mount and continue until the mount frees from the nano dots then carefully remove dots from surface. These can be cleaned and reused and additional nano-dots are also available to purchase.

Why do I sometimes have SNOAP left on my hands when I've washed?

Try using less SNOAP, a little goes a long way and will save you money and the planet resources, you get just as good a wash from less, you just need enough to create lather. We'd love your feedback on this and hope it answers your question.

How do I clean-up any excess SNOAP from my counter?

Many of our SNOAPYs use a vacuum to collect the dry SNOAP from their counter top reporting that it makes their vacuum smell nice too - win, win

How do I know if I have enough SNOAP in my hand?

The amount of SNOAP you need for an effective wash may look like very little - a ¼ to ⅓ of a turn is enough). As long as it creates a lather when water is added and hands are rubbed together you have enough - check out our video for a demonstration

Why is my SNOAP dispenser getting harder to turn?

At times pressure can build up within your dispenser, particularly with the Castile style Original Organic range, making the handle feel harder to turn. All you need to do is turn the handle anti-clockwise a few times to release the pressure and then continue to dispense using clockwise turns until you feel pressure build up again and repeat. Note that this may still dispense SNOAP whilst being turned in reverse so be ready with your hand under the dispenser to catch the SNOAP.


Why does SNOAP moisturise my skin better than liquid soap?

SNOAP contains glycerine which is usually taken out of liquid soap to make it lather more, this glycerine is a natural moisturiser, therefore solid soaps are usually more moisturising than liquid soaps/hand washes.

Do the dispensers stop slimy soapy mess from getting everywhere?

Yes! Part-used bar soap can get slimy and messy and whilst this doesn’t pose a threat to your health it appears unsightly by the sink and is considered to lead to a poor user experience. However with our dispensers all that mess is taken care of.

Do bar soaps have germs on their surface?

No. Pathogens can live on bar soap, but in studies carried out these pathogens do not get passed from person to person, however, some people are uncomfortable with sharing a bar of soap but with the dispensers - you're not sharing the bar itself.

Aren't liquid and solid soaps basically the same thing?

Definitely not! There is a chemical, as well as aesthetic, difference between liquid soap and soap bars. Soap is made from an age old process of saponification - combining fat/oil, water, and an alkali (traditionally lye) to produce a naturally moisturising soap. Liquid soap, on the other hand, is usually a synthetic detergent, made from chemical compounds rather than fats and oils.  There is, therefore, much debate about whether we should be using so much chemical-filled liquid soap at all. This is especially true with antibacterial liquid soap. You may have noticed that the adverts advertising hand wash which ‘kills up to 99.9% of bacteria’ have slowly disappeared in the last couple of years. That’s because scientists started speaking out about these antibacterial soaps, and how they’re contributing to antibiotic resistant bacteria. There has also been no research which has found that antibacterial soap is more effective at cleaning than ordinary soap.

Are liquid soaps really that harmful?

Yes! When you start evaluating your consumer decisions in terms of how environmentally friendly they are, it soon gets pretty frustrating. Generally speaking there’s rarely a right answer. So much depends on the specific product you’re purchasing: where it was made, how it was transported, how it was packaged, and so it’s never as straightforward as you think. When it comes to soap, though, it seems like the situation is more black and white.

Let’s start with packaging. Swapping to solid soap bars is often on lists of things you should do to reduce your plastic waste, and for good reason. You can usually buy soap bars loose or in recyclable cardboard packets – but do avoid certain soap bars, which are plastic wrapped inside their cardboard box. Liquid soap, on the other hand, will always come in a plastic bottle.

Those plastic bottles of liquid soap are also much heavier than a soap bar, due to the increased water content. That means they’re also more difficult to move around, and use more energy in transportation. It also takes more energy to produce in the first place — using up to five times more energy to produce liquid soap than a solid soap bar.

The story continues once you’ve actually got the soap into your own bathroom. Studies have shown that we use liquid soap much more quickly than solid soap bars. That might be because we feel like more soap equals more cleaning power, or it could be because manufacturers develop overly generous pump dispensers to make us buy more regularly. Either way, on average we use six times more liquid soap than solid soap on a per wash basis. Researchers have also shown that we use more water when washing our hands with liquid soap, than solid soap bars — around 30% more.

Aren't soap bars too soft to grind it into a powder?

Many soaps are - yes! But our soaps are made to be harder, denser and more solid - meaning they can be ground into a fine powder that lasts and lasts.

What's the difference between your 3 soap ranges?

Living luxury is our premium range of soaps with rich, nourishing ingredients packed full of health and skin benefits.

Original Organic is as you would imagine made with 100% organic ingredients.

Precious Planet soaps like all of our soaps are eco-friendly made with natural ingredients, biodegradable and not tested on animals. These soaps do have PARFUM in them though - giving them beautifully scents.

Is bar soap for hair really as good as liquid shampoo??

Yes! In fact its probably better!!! This is because of our nourishing it is for your hair and skin. It will leave your hair feeling incredible soft. Try it and you won't go back!

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