During UK lockdown in 2020 founder of SNOAP Lisa was staggered by the single use plastic waste generated by her family of 5.  Making changes successfully in many areas the family struggled with changing to bar soaps and shampoos due to the mess and sharing bars. Instead of giving up Lisa had an idea and SNOAP was born, read on to learn more…


"Both Antony and myself worked in Corporate for many years, me until I had our children and Antony until lockdown. Lockdown proved an invaluable time for us as we got to spend a lot more time together as a family.

However, I was completely shocked at the sheer amount of single use plastic we generated on a weekly basis and set out to improve the damage we were doing to our environment. I made changes like buying milk from our local dairy, who deliver in returnable glass bottles. We switched from plastic dish sponges with a scouring surface, to cellulose biodegradable ones and coir scrubbing brushes. We bought local fruit and vegetables which came unpackaged. We switched from plastic juices bottles to paper cartons etc.

We also switched from liquid hand soap, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner to solid bar versions but found that they left a total mess on the sink/bath/shower. Our children didn't like touching the bar after it had been used by someone else and it was hard to find a good home for the slimy soap bars.

We almost reverted back to liquids until I researched how most single use plastic ends up in landfill and the ocean with only a small percentage being adequately recycled. In fact the pump from liquid soap bottles can't be recycled. We've all seen the disturbing pictures of plastic floating in the ocean and I didn't want my family to continue contributing to that. So I thought and thought and realised there was a gap in the market and I wanted to fill it. I set out to invent a solid soap dispenser with all the environmental benefits of solid soap (i.e. no single use plastic bottles, reduced carbon footprint, cleaner waste water, and less water usage - up to 95% of liquid soap is water and it takes 19 times more water to produce liquid soap) AND all the convenience of liquid pumps (hygienic dosage, cleaner counter top/bath/shower shelf). On top of that I found out bar soaps are also cost saving and better for our skin & hair vs. detergent based liquid alternatives. AND SO... the SNOAP Dispenser was born... {OK after 2½ years of development!}"


Each Year UK homes go through:
• 686 million plastic soap bottles
• 617 million plastic body wash bottles
• 520 million plastic shampoo bottles

Our aim is simple...
Convert the UK into SNOAPYs - becoming part of the solution to plastic pollution while saving money, reducing carbon emissions and enjoying a luxurious skin/hair kind wash, are you in?

Have you got the Bottle? Make that Change 😀


"We are a family of five. Lisa and I are passionate SCUBA divers and our two eldest children have also qualified, which means we get to share the amazing experience of this totally different environment - the ocean. Our youngest is an extremely keen snorkeler, we all love nothing more than being on and in the ocean and want to preserve it for generations to come.

That is why we are genuinely passionate about SNOAP and what it can achieve. We MUST protect and preserve the planet and firmly believe we are contributing in a hugely positive way through SNOAP. We just need to convince as many people as possible to get on board to make the biggest impact.

We love the sea - being in it and on it and marvelling at the creatures within. This is why we do what we do and also why we support Project Seagrass "

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