“Using SNOAP bars aligns with the minimalist lifestyle. These bars are compact, last longer than conventional liquid products, and are more concentrated than their liquid counterparts. They offer a practical, no-frills approach to personal hygiene” - Lisa Hicks, Founder

SNOAP is for life, not just for Christmas!

'Dry January' is typically associated with abstaining from alcohol for the first month of the year, but let's explore a different take on this concept: switching from liquid wash to SNOAP bars during January. This shift enables more sustainable living, which is something we should all be more mindful of.

Embracing Sustainability:

The switch to SNOAP bars during Dry January is a nod to environmental consciousness. SNOAP has less packaging than liquid washes, and all of our packaging is recyclable or biodegradable. This change reduces plastic waste, which is a significant issue with liquid wash. Every year in the UK alone we discard 1.8 billion single-use plastic bottles from domestic hand, hair and body washing - which is shocking!

Minimalism and Efficiency:

Using SNOAP bars aligns with the minimalist lifestyle. These bars are compact, last longer (20 times longer in our SNOAP Dispenser when compared weight for weight with liquids), and are more concentrated than their liquid counterparts, offering a practical, no-frills approach to personal hygiene. Just good old fashioned soap - at SNOAP we believe less is more - and it really is the case with our products.

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Health and Wellness:

SNOAP bars are crafted with natural ingredients and are free from harsh chemicals and preservatives often found in liquid washes. This switch can be seen as a step towards a healthier lifestyle, not just for you (liquid wash can strip the natural barriers from your skin, causing it to split, crack and bleed - are you tired of covering your hands in hand lotion?) but also for the environment.

Liquid wash can have a detrimental effect on the environment as around 60% of what you use goes down the drain unactivated; when it hits a moving water way, it foams up and causes a bubble blanket on rivers, suffocating aquatic flora and fauna which then all gets washed out to sea - I don't want to contribute to that, do you?

Economic Benefits:

SNOAP is more economical than liquid wash - even the cheapest stuff! Weight for weight, solid soap outlasts liquids 6:1, but in our SNOAP dispenser, that goes up to 20:1 due to the super efficient SNOAP delivered as a fine powder. An average household of five people uses 60 bottles of wash per year - say each bottle costs £2.50, that's £150.

With SNOAP you would use 6 bars in this time, with each bar costing £5.50, so that's £33! Yes, you need the dispenser to achieve this, but even with the dispenser this would cost £67. Try it in January and you will receive a 25% discount (code Dry25). Can you afford to miss this?


"SNOAP bars are crafted with natural ingredients and are free from harsh chemicals and preservatives often found in liquid washes."


Cultural and Historical Appreciation:

Reverting to solid soap bars is a way to reconnect with traditional methods of personal care. Historically, solid soaps were the norm; this shift back can be a form of cultural appreciation, historical acknowledgment and acceptance of the fact that liquid wash is expensive, causes plastic pollution, and skin and hair damage.

A Symbolic Gesture:

Why do we make New Year's resolutions? Just as abstaining from alcohol during Dry January is a symbolic act of self-discipline and health consciousness, choosing SNOAP bars represents a commitment to environmental health and a more sustainable lifestyle.

Dry January with SNOAP is more than just a temporary change in hygiene habits. It's a symbolic gesture towards a more sustainable, health-conscious, and minimalist lifestyle. It reflects a broader commitment to personal and environmental well-being, cost saving and reduced consumption, aligning well with the spirit of the New Year.

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