In the aftermath of the Great British Beach Clean and World Cleanup Day, it’s not yet confirmed how much single-use plastic was collected from our beaches and waterways by volunteers across the UK and around the globe.

It would be very easy to get downhearted just thinking about the amount of waste and plastic that is thrown away every year, especially given that it sometimes seems as though we may never turn the tide on plastic pollution. However, we here at SNOAP HQ are very much encouraged by what we see and hear daily, about normal people (just like you and me) stepping up in small ways to help save the planet.

As you may know by now, we like to try and keep things light-hearted, so let’s take a look at some of the ways that you can make a change.

Supporting organisations that take action for change

Regular readers will know that we take our environmental obligations very seriously, which is why we support an organisation called Project Seagrass. Seagrass is very efficient in absorbing carbon and it also helps to protect the habitat of our marine wildlife. However, the amount of seagrass in our oceans has declined by one-third over the last 40 years, according to Project Seagrass.

Project Seagrass is a registered marine conservation charity which is dedicated to the global protection of seagrass meadows, for the biodiversity and people that depend on them. We’re proud to support them and you can find out more about them by clicking the link above.

Of course, it is not just destruction of seagrass meadows and single-use plastic pollution that we have to worry about in the protection of our oceans and waterways. According to a 2022 report from ocean action group, Surfers Against Sewage, some of the most popular surf and swim spots around the UK were polluted by sewage dumping a whopping 5,504 times in summer last year.

The sewage pollution issue has been all over the news over the last couple of years, but it is not a new problem, it just seems that more people are becoming aware of it. We are proud members of Surfers Against Sewage, which was founded in 1990 in Cornwall. You don’t have to be a surfer to join SAS; if you care about our ocean environment, it’s money well spent.

You can also download the free SAS app to your phone - The Safer Seas and River App - which gives live data on sewage dumping. This is particularly useful if you live by the coast and enjoy water sports, dog-walking or swimming from your local beach.

The sewage pollution issue is also being fought by the Marine Conservation Society. The MCS fights for a cleaner, better-protected and healthier ocean. They are also a campaign group and you can become a member or volunteer in many different ways.

Three easy ways to help today!

  1. Join (or donate to) one of the organisations that we have highlighted: they all do great work, but in different ways. It doesn’t cost a fortune and you would be making a real difference. 
  1. Shop smarter: we know that the cost of living crisis is really starting to bite. Costs are not going down and wages for most are not going up. Whilst not everyone can afford to trot to their nearest local refill store for household items and groceries, it can sometimes be cheaper to buy certain things locally, in farm shops, from butchers and from local suppliers. Supporting local businesses is important and so is the amount of air miles that our everyday goods rack up. All worth thinking about! 
  1. Become a SNOAPY: our products provide affordable, luxurious and planet-friendly options to each member of your family, plus you are helping to turn the tide on single-use plastic pollution. Be part of the #PollutionSolution!

You can also get involved on social media; the hashtags we highlight in this blog will all help to raise awareness of the problems that we face, but together, we can make a real difference to the health and well-being of our planet, so that future generations can enjoy it just as we have.

#EndSewagePollution #SewageFreeSeas #SaveTheSeagrass #EndPlasticPollution

I hope that you found this helpful; we are building a community of like-minded people who are not only passionate about reducing plastic pollution, but who are also loving what we do - it would be amazing for you to join us as a new SNOAPY!

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