“Life doesn't come with a manual, it comes with a Mother.” - Unknown

Mother's Day

Love it or hate it, Mother's Day - or Mothering Sunday, as it is traditionally known - is here to stay. Some people celebrate with their mums and their grandmothers, aunties, godmothers, stepmothers and foster mothers. Others perhaps no longer have their mum, or have struggled and failed to become a mum, which can make it a sad day. Whatever your take on it, one thing is universally agreed, it has become fairly over-commercial!

1. Origins of the day

During the Middle Ages, those who had moved away from their birthplace were allowed to visit their home parishes and their mothers on the fourth Sunday of Lent, known as 'Laetare Sunday'. This became Mothering Sunday in the UK (although it has largely been replaced by Mother’s Day).

In its modern form, Mother's Day originated in the United States, where it is observed on the second Sunday in May, as is the case in many other countries. The idea was started by Anna Jarvis of Philadelphia, whose mother founded many women's groups to promote friendship and health. On May 12, 1907, Anna held a memorial service at her late mother’s church in Grafton, West Virginia. Within five years virtually every state was observing the day, and in 1914 President Woodrow Wilson declared it a national holiday.

Jarvis had promoted the wearing of a white carnation as a tribute to one’s mother, but over time the custom became to wear a red or pink carnation to represent a living mother, or a white carnation for a mother who had passed. What had originally been primarily a day of honour gradually turned into the commercialisation that we see today, with the sending of cards and the giving of gifts. In protest against this, Anna Jarvis spent the last years of her life trying to abolish the holiday she unintentionally created.

2. What is the perfect gift?

If we are going to celebrate the day (and it's always a day that's marked in our house!), what is the perfect gift? When children are small, often they are helped by another parent or family member to make their mum breakfast in bed, perhaps with some flowers picked from the garden for the tray. Later in life, at least in the UK, we tend to err on the side of bought flowers and chocolates, or twee little gifts that we find in chain shops or independent boutiques.

Whilst these gestures is appreciated by mothers across the globe, in reality, they're not very kind to the environment. Flowers die quite quickly and usually come wrapped in plastic. That cute little mug, or keyring, or even that nice box of chocolates probably has plastic somewhere in the packaging.

When the SNOAP team put our heads together to come up with the perfect gift, it was staring us right in the face. Many mums wish for more time to get everything done, to feel good about themselves and to enjoy some 'me' time without any guilt. What better way to treat your mum, then, than to give her the gift of SNOAP?

3. Affordable, luxurious and kind to the planet

As you may know by now, the SNOAP dispenser system is mess-free, easy to install, easy to use and great value for money. The actual SNOAP bars themselves smell amazing and there is a wide range to choose from, for all skin and hair types, including an organic range.

When we love someone, we want to look after them, nourish them and treat them just as we would expect to be treated ourselves. SNOAP is extremely kind to the environment - the runoff does not harm aquatic flora and fauna and there's no 'bubble blanket' because you only use what you need. Around 60% of liquid hand or body wash goes straight down the drain.

Equally important is the fact that we do not test any of our products on animals and we are a cruelty-free brand. We even use FSC-approved packaging to send out parcels out to customers! The SNOAP dispenser holds two bars of solid soap, which is the equivalent of 20 bottles of liquid wash. Buy buying SNOAP, you really are doing something to help the planet, too.

4. An ideal solution for all budgets

If you're not sure which products to choose for your mum, we've got you covered! We're offering our gorgeous gift box with nearly 30% off, at just £59.99 - it's an ideal introduction to the SNOAP range to treat your mum. Or, if that doesn't take your fancy, every SNOAP dispenser purchased between now and 10th March will come with a free shampoo bar worth £15! Just use the code SNOAPLOVESMUMS (a dispenser comes with two SNOAPs as standard, so you're getting a great bargain with a third for FREE).

However you decide to treat your mum with on 10th March, we hope you enjoy spending time with her, your loved ones and your friends. Cherish the time that you have and enjoy each other's company!


Until the next time,

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