The rules around what you can and can't take through security at major UK airports are set to change by June 2024. For many travellers, new rules will make flying much easier and less stressful.

However, at the moment, only major airports across the UK have to adhere to the new rules, which means that if you're flying from a smaller airport, you may still need to check what's acceptable before you travel. Read on for a breakdown of what's changing.

New threats lead to new technology:

The current liquids rules, which were introduced in 2006 following a terrorist threat, were designed to stop those with hostile intent carrying liquid explosives onto planes. Although that's still a real possibility, in 2024 terrorism is just as likely to involve digital attacks and other means of disruption. The current rules have been in place for almost twenty years, so a shakeup is long overdue.


By June 2024, most major airports will have introduced cutting-edge systems into their security checkpoints, hailing a new era of improved security and a much better passenger experience when going through departures.

Not only will it mean greater convenience for travellers - as people will no longer need to spend time taking liquids out of their main bags and having to use the tiny clear plastic bags - but it will also enhance passenger safety, as security staff will have be able to see more detailed images of what people are carrying in their luggage.

Electrical items:

Currently, laptops and tablets have to be removed from bags before going through security; this is also set to change, as the technology improves. Passengers will be able to leave everything in situ in their bags when they go through the security scanners as the equipment will be much improved.

The weight of the problem:

New technology is not the only thing that passengers have to look forward to. One airline has taken things a step further; if you are flying with Finnair from Helsinki airport, you may be asked to voluntarily weigh-in at the gate!

Each aircraft has a fixed maximum weight that cannot be exceeded for safety reasons. The weight of passengers and their carry-on luggage is usually only based on average passenger weights updated every five years. At Helsinki airport, the weight of the passenger and their hand luggage is added together and recorded as one number. The results of the weigh-ins, set to continue until May this year, will be used for aircraft balance and loading calculations from 2025 until 2030.

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