The heart of our product range is most definitely the SNOAP dispensers, which are the ‘core’ products within the range. Without these, although you could still use the luxurious solid soaps, you would be missing the no mess, no touch, hygienic benefits and the super-efficient nature of the powder with only a tiny amount producing a large lather!


We wanted to put these products ‘in the spotlight’, so that you have all the information that you could possibly want, in one place, to enable you to decide which of our products might suit you best (a clue; you will love them all!).


The Core Range

 Our main SNOAP dispenser range is available in two beautiful, practical designs; Erebus (dark grey and SNOAP blue) and Theia (glossy white and SNOAP blue). Each dispenser holds two whole bars of solid soap or shampoo; to use, you simply turn the top clockwise to dispense SNOAP, a delicate powder which is reminiscent of snow. Add water and rub your hands together (or over your body, or hair if using the solid shampoo) for a luxurious wash.


Two bars of SNOAP will give you 2,000 handwashes, which is equivalent to TWENTY bottles of hand/body wash or shampoo … without the single-use plastic. Our SNOAP dispensers can be attached to the wall/shower screen/mirror with our wall mount or placed on a countertop with our counter stand.


On the Go


The larger ‘On the Go’ dispenser comes in both Erebus and Theia designs. It attaches to the bottom of your SNOAP dispenser, allowing ground SNOAP to fall directly into your ‘On the Go’ dispenser. Great to take away on holiday, to use in the car, to keep in your bag or for use by a sink at home, the large OTG dispenser holds 140g of SNOAP when it’s full. That means a whopping 1,000 hand washes, or the equivalent of:

  • 127 days of hand washing for 1 person,
  • 80 days of showers and hand washing for 1 person,
  • 1 month of hand washing for a family of 4, or
  • Over 20 days of both showers and hand washing for a family of four - that’s more than enough for a fortnight’s holiday AND you don’t have to buy and carry a load of toxic, single-use plastic bottles in your suitcase (or ditch them in the hotel when you have no room to bring them back!).



You can take SNOAP wherever you go with the small ‘On the Go’ Dispenser, which also comes in both Erebus or Theia. The small OTG dispenser is fabulous for the car, your bag or to use by a smaller sink at home. It is also best used with the Erebus funnel, which attaches directly to your SNOAP dispenser and your small OTG dispenser to make filling easy. The Small ‘On the Go’ dispenser will take 38g of ground SNOAP; that’s equivalent to over 275 hand washes or, to make things interesting, it is:

  • Equivalent to 35 days of hand washing for 1 person or over 8 days for a family of 4,
  • Equivalent to 21 days of showers and hand washing for 1 person,
  • Equivalent to over 5 days of showers and hand washing for a family of 4 - perfect for a long weekend away!

Take SNOAP (solid soap with a twist!) wherever you go and never be without it again!


Box and Puff

 The versatile SNOAP boxes come in both Erebus and Theia, allowing you to keep more than one of your favourite bars of SNOAP close at hand. If you decide to swap out the contents of your SNOAP dispenser, the boxes will keep the solid soaps clean and dry whilst you’re not using them. They also click into each other, so they don't take up more space on your shelves, around your bath or on your worktop and they come in different colours to match the dispensers.   These are also great for traveling with.


The stylish SNOAP eco shower puffs are made from 3 bottles of recycled ocean plastic and they are available in both Erebus and Theia colours. They are also packaged in biodegradable corn-starch bags to keep them hygienically clean and they can be machine washed (pop them in with your regular towel wash!). They are made from 100% recyclable LDPE4, which can be recycled with your soft plastics at most supermarkets.


Bubbly, jubbly! We are certain you will love the indulgent, rich and bubbly lather that these exfoliating scrunchies produce. Not only are they fabulous on your skin and the environment, but they are also kind on your wallet; they require significantly less SNOAP than you would normally use for a totally bubbly time!

The eco shower puffs are a perfect bathroom accessory or gift set for a loved one; they can be added to any of our products to save even more money and reduce the carbon footprint of your delivery.



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