Here at SNOAP HQ we are passionate about supporting environmental projects and causes as a way to give back to both our community and our planet. Project Seagrass, although a global initiative, also has strong local connections and we are very proud to be associated with it.


What is ‘Project Seagrass’?

 Project Seagrass is a marine conservation charity that is dedicated to ensuring that seagrass meadows are protected globally, for the biodiversity and people that depend on them. The charity’s mission is to lead societal change to enable the recognition, recovery and resilience of seagrass ecosystems globally; these provide biodiversity, equitable and sustainable livelihoods, and planetary life support.


Project Seagrass began from humble beginnings in 2013, starting out as the Welsh Seagrass Network which was founded by Swansea University Masters students, Benjamin Jones and Richard Lilley and their supervisor, Dr Richard Unsworth. In the 2021/22 financial year, the charity raised over £800,000 of income from donations, grants and other funding streams but despite this, they are still a long way away from their vision of a world in which seagrass meadows are thriving and abundant.


How is SNOAP supporting the charity?

We support Project Seagrass in several ways, including monetarily and through our products, as well as encouraging people to learn more about the charity and the work that they do. We never get tired of reminding SNOAPYS that just two of our solid soap bars are equivalent to TWENTY plastic bottles of liquid handwash. This means that when you buy a SNOAP dispenser and two of the beautiful, luxuriant and affordable SNOAP bars to go into it, you are helping to turn the tide on plastic pollution. By reducing the amount of plastic that you send to landfill (Statista tells us that two million metric tonnes of plastic waste is produced in the UK every year, or roughly 36kg per person), you are also stopping more plastic from entering the ocean, as well supporting fantastic initiatives such as Project Seagrass.


Why Project Seagrass?

Seagrass captures carbon up to 35 times faster than tropical rainforests. It absorbs a whopping 11% of the ocean’s carbon each year - even though it only currently covers 0.1% of the seafloor. Seagrass meadows also form the basis of the world’s primary fishing grounds, supplying 20% of the world’s fisheries. Seagrass meadows are vitally important to the health and biodiversity of our oceans but communities around the world depend on them for food security and livelihoods. It’s a sad fact that 35 percent of the world’s seagrass has already been lost, but we can all do our bit to stop the decline and that why we support the project proudly and wholeheartedly.


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Find out more about Project Seagrass and the fabulous work that they’re doing, or click to make a donation.


We look forward to welcoming you as a new SNOAPY and also to many more years of supporting Project Seagrass; thank you for having the bottle to change your choices and turn the tide on the pollution of our oceans.


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