If you’re reading this blog, then congratulations! That makes you an honorary ‘SNOAPY’, as you clearly want to know more about our products. By now, you may have watched the video of our soap dispenser in action, you may have browsed our beautiful collection of carefully made products and accessories and thought about buying some of them for yourself or your friends. But … well you might be a bit mystified as to how it all fits together!

That’s where I come in; let me introduce myself as Lady SNOAP, the founder of the SNOAP brand. You’ll find out a bit more about both me and the products as time goes on, but for now, I want to tell you what SNOAP is and why it matters – both to our customers and to the planet – this beautiful place that we call home.

Lady SNOAP Hello

SNOAP essentially came into being because of rubbish, or more specifically, single-use plastic waste. Did you know that a staggering two million metric tonnes* of plastic waste is produced in the UK every year, which is roughly 36kg per person? That’s equivalent to the weight of about four average-sized, cute little Daschund dogs. But there’s nothing cute about a mountain of single-use plastic that has been discarded and thrown away.

We know that you’re now picturing adorable little sausage dogs floating in a sea of plastic bottles; please, don’t feel bad if you are still using plastics in your home. It’s hard, because manufacturers still aren’t going far enough to make it easy for us consumers to go for something altogether more environmentally friendly in the longer term. That’s why SNOAP was born – we want to make people feel good about their shopping choices whilst they’re also being kind to the planet!

The centrepiece of the range is the SNOAP dispenser; with two different colour options and a choice of a countertop stand or wall mount, the dispenser adds a sleek finish to any home bathroom or commercial washroom. How does it work? Well, I wanted to keep it as simple as possible, as you’ll see in the video below.  The beautifully fragrant, luxuriant solid soaps that we sell are designed to stack end to end (two at a time) into the middle of the dispenser. Once they’re clicked in securely, you simply turn the handle on the top and hey presto - out comes SNOAP for you to use. Take another look at just how easy it is:

You can see that a little SNOAP goes a long way and that’s why it’s long-lasting. Better still, two bars of our solid soap is equivalent to twenty, yes TWENTY plastic bottles of liquid hand wash! Imagine that - you’re being kind to your skin, you’re saving the planet one SNOAP at a time and you’ll have some extra pounds in your pocket because the products are so economical.


None of our SNOAPS contain nasty ingredients that would pollute wastewater runoff, which means they won’t harm aquatic flora and fauna, grazing animals or end up back on our plates (yuck, right?).

As well as the SNOAP bars and dispensers (we’ve got your back when you’re out and about – we have developed a range of ‘on the go’ dispensers, which are ideal for travel and will be available soon), we also stock a variety of beautifully made and eco-friendly accessories, both for you and your bathroom. If you want to share the SNOAPY love, we even have gift vouchers so that you can give the gift of SNOAP to your friends.

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That’s me, Lady SNOAP signing off for now. Thanks for reading and I hope that you will join the SNOAP revolution for refill, not landfill. I’ll leave you with just one question …

Have you got the bottle to change your choices?


 *Source: Statista

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