Although we tend to think of spring starting on 1st March, did you know that 20th March was officially the first day of spring? The Spring (or Vernal) Equinox, occurs when the Sun crosses the celestial equator going south to north. It’s called the ‘celestial’ equator because it’s an imaginary line in the sky above the Earth’s equator. Imagine standing on the equator; the Sun would pass directly overhead on its way north.

Well, that’s the science bit done! Here at SNOAP HQ, we are excited that it’s officially spring because, despite the chilly weather telling us otherwise, warmer days are coming! It’s getting lighter just that bit earlier each day, the daffodils are looking glorious and there are new buds and growth all around (not to mention the lovely birdsong and nesting preparations).

Traditionally, this is the time to start thinking about a good spring clean of your home. That’s not to say that we don’t clean properly for the rest of the year (although living in a busy family home always presents a challenge to keep everything tidy), but it just feels like the right time to have a blitz. Here are our top tips for a planet-friendly spring clean!


If, like me, you sometimes look around your space and think that you have too much ‘stuff’, think really carefully about what you’re buying vs what you need to buy. Do you need another pair of jeans? Is another pair of summer sandals essential when you already have a pair that you have barely worn? Of course, the obvious, do you need to buy toiletries and cleaning products in plastic containers?


If you’re a bit bored with a certain bit of furniture or piece of clothing that’s still in good condition, don’t get rid of it, reuse it! Upcycle furniture to make it suitable for use in a different part of your home, or alter and customise clothing to create something ‘new’. You’ll feel really proud of yourself for creating something different, too!


We’re not talking about the obvious stuff here (although it’s important to try to recycle everything that you can, including batteries and soft plastics that can be taken to the supermarket recycling bins next time you go), but those items you no longer use. Instead of throwing away an old lamp that no longer lights up your life or CDs that you no longer listen to, think about giving them to a charity shop, selling them on eBay or Vinted, or taking them along to an auction house to let someone else acquire and enjoy the items.


We can’t pass up the opportunity to remind our SNOAPYs that we have some fantastic products to use around the home (and remember that we offer free shipping on orders over £40!). As well as our revolutionary SNOAP dispensers and beautiful solid soaps, shampoos and travel solutions, we also sell home cleaning products.

The beautiful Purdy and Figg ultra-concentrated multi-surface cleaner is not only eco-friendly, but it comes in three delicious scents; Balancing Floral, Uplifting Citrus and Grounding Vetiver. These bottles are 97% lighter to ship than conventional bulk products and are simple to use, by mixing with tap water in a reusable glass spray bottle. I use these at home and they smell divine, plus I’m feeling good that I’m not buying chemical cleaners in plastic bottles!

For the SNOAPY scrubbers amongst you, we also sell eco-cleaning and coconut brushes, as well as household sponges and microfibre cleaning cloths - much more planet-friendly than disposable (and expensive and not very effective) single-use cloths or kitchen paper. Talking of scrubbing, why not treat each member of the family to a new, exfoliating eco shower puff? Each puff is made from a whopping three bottles of recycled ocean plastic (and the colours even match our SNOAP dispensers).

I hope that this has got you thinking about how you might be able to help the planet this spring; if you have any questions about the SNOAP products, or would like some more tips about changing your choices to turn the tide on plastic pollution, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Until the next time,

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