Reusable Glass Spray Bottle


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You can use our Glass Bottle For Life over and over again meaning you never have to throw away your empty plastic bottles every time your cleaner runs out. We have already helped stop 250,000 plastic bottles from going into landfill. Plus, the reusable glass bottle is 100% recyclable so you don’t have to worry about adding more trash to landfills or oceans.


As a nation the UK goes through a whopping 468 million plastic cleaning bottles per year. It is not only the plastic bottles that cause a problem, it is the associated chemicals they include too. These chemicals are causing pollution to our rivers, oceans and land. Water treatment works cannot filter out all the chemicals and therefore some end up on our crops and therefore in our homes.

We offer a wonderful array of eco-friendly alternatives, these not only smell amazing, they do a great job at cleaning and don't include any of the nasty chemicals. Leaving your home looking and smelling wonderful and you feeling pretty fabulous that you had the bottle to make that change.

Have you got the Bottle? Make that Change 😀

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