As you know, the SNOAP ethos is quite simple; we want to stem the tide of single-use plastics and provide luxurious, affordable and eco-friendly products for you, your family and your home:


We thought it would be a good idea to tell you more about the packaging that we use and how it is all of the above things, and more.


Is our packaging kind to the environment?

Well, the simple answer is, yes! When Lady SNOAP designed the brand packaging, it was obviously important to keep the costs down and to minimise waste, but also to produce something that was kind to the planet AND looks appealing at the same time. You can have the most environmentally friendly packaging in the world, but people are visual creatures; if it doesn’t look nice, customers will hesitate to buy again (although obviously, the quality of the products speaks for itself!).


Approved AND creative!

Our packaging is all FSC-approved (Forest Stewardship Council UK - and fully recyclable. On top of that, our aim was to be as creative as possible to explain how and why we are winning with our packaging, so we came up with a little poem to pop inside each customer order box:

“You’ve made a purchase that’s environmentally kind

Here’s another thing to give you peace of mind

This humble brown box, made from a tree

Has been sourced with the expertise of the FSC

The filling is repurposed packaging we receive

Protecting our precious planet we truly believe

We hope you share & love how we think

Even these words are written in cruelty-free ink

Being in the SNOAP club means you are part of the solution

Doing your bit to reduce plastic pollution”


Our boxes are designed without the use of staples or glue and only a small piece of recyclable tape is used for shipping purposes.  All of the delivery boxes that we receive are shredded and we then use them as void fill in our shipped orders. We reuse any filler that we receive for this purpose, too. All of the protective bags that we use to keep the products clean are made of corn starch and are fully biodegradable.

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