Bundle includes main dispenser, 2 soaps and 3 additional on-the-go dispensers covering 4 sinks!

- Refillable solid soap dispenser
- Zero single-use plastic
- Moisturising with every wash
- <10% carbon footprint of liquid
- Cost saving with refills equivalent to 55p per 250ml


SAVE 31%
WAS £65
NOW £45

SNOAP Eco Bundle

£45.00 £65.00

🌍 Say NO to single use plastic & YES to luxuriously nourished skin & hair with the revolutionary SNOAP Dispenser.  
💚SNOAP hygienically dispenses powder from bars with no mess
💷 £njoy savings with refill costs as low as 55p for each 250ml liquid wash replaced.
🎁 Free in this bundle = 1 x funnel, 1 x large & 2 x small on-the-go dispensers worth £20 - use in 4 areas of home
🧼 Includes 2 soaps = 2,000 hand washes


Choose your dispenser colour from Erebus (Anthracite Grey) or Theia (Glossy White & SNOAP blue).  

Choose if you want to attach your dispenser to the wall (with included mounting tape) or place on counter stand (add £10).

Choose your 2 included soaps from Relaxing (Vetiver & Sandalwood), Uplifting (Lavender & Geranium), Soothing (Tea Tree & Oat) or Nourishing (Shea & Buttermilk). 
Your included soaps are equivalent to 20 bottles of liquid soap which would cost around £30!

GET FREE GIFT WORTH £20 - bundle includes free gift of large on-the-go dispenser, funnel & 2 small on-the-go dispensers.  Get rid of plastic liquid dispensers from your home and use SNOAP in 4 locations and on-the-go with this amazing starter bundle deal.  Simply fill the on-the-go dispensers from your main dispenser and place them by other sinks/baths/showers around your home and/or take them on your travels

Easily Installed in 2 minutes
Wall mount can be easily attached to smooth tile, glass or mirror with the included removable mounting tape – no need to drill most surfaces.  If preferred the wall mount can be affixed to the wall with screws.
If using the counter stand it is held in place with the 4 included sticky feet.

SNOAP is so easy to use
Turn the top clockwise to dispense SNOAP, a one third turn provides enough SNOAP for a luxurious hand wash. Create a lather with warm water and then simply wash off. Can be used with our SNOAP Puff in your shower or bath for an all over SNOAP body experience. This dispenser also works with our amazing range of solid shampoos, making them last longer too.

The benefits vs. liquid soap
  • NO single-use plastics
  • Less than 10% carbon footprint of liquid soap
  • Cleaner waste water - better for rivers & oceans
  • 100% biodegradable & recyclable packaging
  • No animal testing and many vegan friendly options
  • Refill not landfill
  • Naturally moisturising soaps vs. detergent based liquids
  • Did you know?... most liquid hand/body wash isn't actually soap - it is detergent based - hence called hand/body wash
  • x2 SNOAP bars last as long as x20 liquid soaps saving you money and the planet plastic!
HYGIENIC AND NO MESS - SNOAP gives all the convenience of a liquid dispenser combined with the environmental, skin kind and cost benefits of solid soap/shampoo

    Every year in the UK we are contributing a staggering amount of single use plastic into our environment, be that landfill, the oceans and waterways, or the incinerator. By making the simple switch to SNOAP for your hand, body and hair washing you will be removing your share of the 1.8 billion bottles that we throw away as a result of keeping clean each year in the UK alone.

    Each year UK homes go through:
    • 686 million plastic soap bottles
    • 617 million plastic body wash bottles
    • 520 million plastic shampoo bottles

    Our aim is simple...
    Convert the UK into SNOAPYs - becoming part of the solution to plastic pollution while saving money, reducing carbon emissions and enjoying a luxurious skin/hair kind wash, are you in?

    Have you got the Bottle? Make that Change 😀


    Join our Subscribe & Save program to get regular deliveries of your favourite SNOAP soaps and shampoo bar refills. Select the products you love and set your preferred delivery schedule from monthly, bi-monthly, or every 3 months to enjoy a 15% saving on your initial order and 10% thereafter. Become one of our VIS's (Very Important SNOAPYs!) and save.

    With flexible management, you can easily log in to your account to modify your product selections and delivery frequency at any time. Plus, you have the convenience of skipping deliveries whenever you need to. Join today and start saving now!

    How it works

    First you buy the dispenser (which comes with x2 soaps) and grind the soap bars into your hands or into shaker style dispensers. Top up your soaps when you need or subscribe for a discounted regular delivery of soaps and/ or shampoos. You can then accessorise to be more cost effective and environmentally friendly.

    Why SNOAP?

    No Mess Bar Soap Dispenser

    ❌Liquid wash dries skin & generates 1.8B plastic bottles p.a. in UK alone

    🧼 Bar soap is nourishing, non-polluting and cost effective

    😯 But bars = 8% of sales as we don’t like the mess or sharing

    💚 SNOAP hygienically dispenses powder from bars with no mess

    🌍 Best of both worlds - convenient dispense AND the skin, eco and cost benefits of solid soap

    Kind to the planet | Kind to your skin | Kind to your wallet

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