SNOAP Eco Shower Puff Made of Recycled Ocean Plastic


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Each of our stylish shower puffs is made from 3 bottles of recycled ocean plastic and packaged in a biodegradable cornstarch bag to keep it hygienically clean. 
Bubbles! Bubbles! Bubbles! We are certain you will love the indulgent rich bubbly lather that these exfoliating scrunchies produce. Not only are they fabulous on your skin and the environment, but they are also kind on your wallet as they require significantly less SNOAP than you would normally use for a totally bubbly time!

  • A perfect bathroom accessory or gift set for a loved one. Can be added to any of our products to save even more money and reduce the carbon footprint of delivery.
  • Ideal for one in the shower, one in the wash (we recommend washing these as often as you wash your towels), or to identify who's using which scrunchie - have your own colour.

Material: 100% recycled LDPE 4 - This plastic can be recycled again again with your plastic bags - most supermarkets accept these and even collect from home if you have groceries delivered.


7.7 billion plastic water bottles
Positive Impact for the Shower Puffs
Our amazing shower puffs not only make your SNOAP last longer, by creating even more lather you need even less SNOAP, they are actually washable themselves (pop them in with your laundry every time you change your bath towel) AND they are made of recycled ocean plastic. This is the discarded plastic that is on its way to the ocean. Before it gets there it is collected up and recycled into our Shower Puff's. Each one of our Puff's is made from 3 plastic bottles (could you bold the 3 plastic bottles on the website please). That is truly amazing! Not only that, when you need to replace yours (and this should not be that regularly) you can recycle them at your local supermarket with your carrier bags/soft plastics - or have them collected the next time your supermarket delivers your groceries, how awesome is that.
Have you got the Bottle? Make that Change😃

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